Quadraverb Hardware

Content of the EPROMs which will make it possible to upgrade an original quadraverb to a quadraverb plus or to fit a quadraverb-gt with the "new" EPROM (as it is refered to in the

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Unfortunately, I am not a technical specialist at Quadraverb hardware. For technicals issues I refer to the Charlie Hall & Friends forum. This website is meant as an info and documentation centre.

Technical support

- Repair video


ALESIS Quadraverb Eproms

All whats needed is a 27C512 EPROM and an EPROM-Programmer (so called
burner) or somebody who is able to do the job for you... (No WINBOND chip!)


Model Eprom Version Diagram Manual  
QV 27C512 qv_v103.bin      
QV Plus 27C512 qv+v200.bin      
    qv+v203.bin   Upgrade manual  
QV GT 27C512 qvgtv100.bin     Spare parts
QV Q2 27C101 ?     Eprom
QV Q20 27C101 ?     Eprom

Its also possible to buy programmed Eproms for the QV 20K, GT and QV Q2 at Ebay etc.
They vary in price and shipping costs.

To be able to use EFTP patches from Charlie Hall, the minimum is the QV plus 2.0
To check your current version: hold down [GLOBAL] and [PROGRAM]

Sometimes its necessary to modify the board slightly in order to make the EFTP patches work properly. It depends on the boardversion. Charlie has documented that very well.


- Hardware upgrade Eprom Quadraverb Plus v2.03 Manual

- Improving noise performance of Quad, GT & plus

- Replacement battery GT - PDF

- Replacement GT LCD Display

- Repair tips video